Cyber predators

Online Predators are everywhere and the problem seems to be getting worse. They seek out kids and teenagers just like you and are very dangerous. You never know when the person you are talking to on the computer is an online predator or not. As a teenager in today’s world, how do you keep yourself safe from online predators? Here are some things to remember, and tips to follow to stay safe:


1. First and foremost, never chat with a stranger on the Internet. If they are a stranger, there are no good reasons to be talking to them. Many online predators will pretend to be your age, or somebody else. You can never be sure, so it is important to not converse with Internet strangers.
2. Next, it is very important that you never give out your name, address, phone number, or any other personal information on public pages. If you are a member of social networking sites, use an alias instead. Your friends and family will know who you are, but nobody else will.
3. Email is another dangerous way to encounter Internet predators. If you get an email from a stranger, delete it. If the stranger persists, then let your parents know about it. As a matter of fact, if you ever feel threatened in any way via the Internet, it is important to let your parent or guardian know. There are ways to deal with people that are doing these things, and you should let them know any time you feel uncomfortable.
4. Always have a code word via chat with your friends if you are using a public chat system. For example, if it is your friend, have them say “Red Turkey” or any other little code phrase that nobody else knows. This lets you know for sure that nobody is using a friend’s name or anything like that.
Online predators are very smart sometimes and very persistant. It is vital that you are careful on the Internet and that you understand that dangerous people are out there. If you follow these simple rules, however, you should be completely safe from the online predators, and able to enjoy your computer Internet time hassle free.